What Are Coachable Moments?

February 17, 2017

What Are Coachable Moments? | AFCA Weekly For Football Coaches 

Everyone seems to be into wearable technology today. From your everyday Fitbit wearer to Olympic level trainers and athletes, there is a wealth of knowledge at our disposal like never before.

Football coaches are no different. There are dozens of wearable tech companies providing data to coaches in droves, and it can be confusing for even the most tech-savvy coaches to decipher how to best use the data their tech is providing them.

The CEO and president of i1 Biometrics, Jesse Harper, saw a need for coaches to simplify their data, and began work on a new software platform. The result was Athlete Intelligence, a program capable of combining the data from multiple pieces of wearable tech like the Vector MouthGuard, Cue Sports Sensor and the Shockbox helmet sensor to show coaches a complete picture of what their athletes are experiencing.

“The first thing we did was married video data to sensor data,” Harper says. “We time synced all of our data with the video down to the millisecond so we can show the data in the context of the player’s atmosphere, which immediately brought two-dimensional data to three-dimensional life.”

Collecting rich data is valuable, but being able to apply that data in real-time, in post-practice analysis or in film study could easily become an irreplaceable part of a coach’s toolkit. Having the opportunity to clearly show an athlete exactly what the data says about how they are performing provides coaches with the perfect opportunity to make adjustments or corrections, a “Coachable Moment.”

“It’s a single pane of glass for a coach to look at an athlete through,” Harper says. “Coaches can easily answer questions about how athletes eat, sleep, train, injuries they were exposed to and what they need to do differently as they move forward to get a better result.”

The idea is simple. Athlete Intelligence takes all of the data being collected from the various technology coaches already love and are familiar with, brings them all together in one intuitive program and provides a perfect illustration for coaches to use with their athletes.

When the data coaches are compiling separately starts to mesh together, it begins to paint a complete picture of how coaches need to lean in to get the best results. Those are the moments where real progress is made. Those are coachable moments.

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