SmartTeam Pilot Program to Implement Youth Sports Safety Best Practices and UNICEF International Safeguards for Children in Sport

August 3, 2015

SmartTeam Pilot Program to Implement Youth Sports Safety Best Practices and UNICEF International Safeguards for Children in Sport

i1 Biometrics is proud to announce that it has agreed with MomsTEAM Institute of Youth Sports Safety, , a leading youth sports health and safety think tank and watchdog group, to provide major funding for Institute’s innovative SmartTeam™ program.  

Modeled on the community-centric approach to improving youth sports safety highlighted in MomsTEAM’s PBS documentary, “The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer”, and incorporating UNICEF’s 2014 International Safeguards for Children in Sport, the SmartTeams™ program expands on the Six Pillar™ approach to sports injury and concussion risk management which MomsTEAM used to help a high school football program in rural Oklahoma drastically reduce its concussion rate and improve the identification and management of concussions when they occurred. 

Beginning during the week of August 3rd and continuing over the course of the fall 2015 youth football season, the Institute, along with a select group of experts, will be providing parents, coaches and officials in the youth tackle flag football and cheer program in Grand Prairie, TX with ongoing education about and implementation of best youth sports health and safety practices.

When the program rolls out nationally in 2016, SmartTeam™ status will be awarded to youth sports organizations which have demonstrated a commitment to minimizing the risk of physical, psychological and sexual injury to young athletes by implementing a comprehensive set of health and safety best practices, providing safety-conscious sports parents a level of assurance that they have made health and safety an important priority, not to be sacrificed at the altar of team or individual success.

“The purpose of the SmartTeam pilot program is to demonstrate to parents, coaches, administrators, and health care professionals that there are steps we can take now to make youth sports safer,” said Brooke de Lench, Founding Executive Director of MomsTEAM Institute.  “We are excited that i1 Biometrics has demonstrated its commitment to improving youth sports safety by becoming a major underwriter of the Grand Prairie SmartTeams™ pilot program.

“i1 Biometrics believes that, through the SmartTeam program, we have a chance to accomplish a paradigm shift in the way we talk about sports safety in this country, but it is only going to happen if parents demand change at the grassroots level.  The SmartTeams program is designed to give them a benchmark against which to measure their child’s commitment to a safer sports experience, to support those programs that measure up and demand change for those that don’t,” said Jesse Harper, CEO & President of i1 Biometrics.

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Launched in August 2000, has grown over the years, both in terms of content and reputation, to the point that it now has 10,000 + pages of information for youth sports parents and has become the most trusted source of sports parenting information, widely recognized as one of, if not the, top websites of its kind. MomsTeam Institute, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation formed in November 2013 to continue and expand on MomsTEAM’s fifteen-year mission of providing comprehensive, well-researched information to youth sports parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and other health care professionals about all aspects of the youth sports experience.


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