Q: Why is a mouth guard a good tool with which to measure impacts to the brain? A: The Vector™ MouthGuard fits securely onto the upper teeth of the athlete. Because the upper teeth are rigidly attached to the skull, we can accurately measure skull movement and calculate the accelerations and decelerations experienced by the brain. Q: Can the system diagnose or prevent concussions? A: No. The Athlete Intelligence platform is not intended for use as a diagnostic tool. The system does not prevent concussions. It is a tool for athletic trainers and sports medicine personnel to receive highly accurate, objective data, allowing them to make more informed decisions on the field. While the system can aid in the assessment, evaluation and analysis of head injuries, it is only part of a larger, comprehensive concussion management solution to be provided by schools, teams and organizations. Q: What impact severity threshold do you use to flag a player for concussion evaluation? A: We report all impacts regardless of magnitude. The athletic training and medical staff can choose to turn thresholding on if desired and can set multiple thresholds of their choosing, both for the team and at the individual level. Industry research continues at universities and researchers. Our system is designed to be flexible to emerging findings as they are discovered and verified. Q: What data is recorded and stored in the cloud? A: All linear and rotational impacts above a certain threshold, determined by the sports medicine staff, are recorded for every player wearing an active Vector MouthGuard. Data is transferred in real-time to a user interface on the sideline and then securely placed in a cloud-based system. Q: Is the data protected and private? A: Yes, all data is stored privately in a secure database designed for permission-only access. No personal information is ever shared beyond a team’s medical and coaching staff. Q: What is ESP™ Chip Technology? A: Athlete Intelligence has developed proprietary algorithms that allow for highly-accurate data to be collected by powerful, microelectronic sensors. The impacts are detected by an embedded tri-axial accelerometer and gyroscope. Once collected, the data is analyzed and translated into robust visual representations that aid athletic trainers, doctors and coaches. ESP Chip Technology is at the heart of Vector MouthGuard and other wearable technologies from Athlete Intelligence. Q: Does Vector MouthGuard provide the same comfort and protection of other non-sensing mouth guards? A: Yes, thanks to VistaMaxx™, a patented improvement in material science developed by ExxonMobil, Vector MouthGuard allows for a rapid boil-and-bite customization to teeth, while providing similar protection, strong coupling and superior retention. Q: Where can I purchase Vector MouthGuard? A: Teams may purchase Vector MouthGuard directly from Athlete Intelligence.  We are currently accepting orders for spring and fall football, lacrosse and ice hockey. Click here to request a quote. Q: Can I use this system with my current EMR and concussion management software? A: Yes, the Athlete Intelligence platform can be integrated with EMR systems. Q: Where can I find a scientific white paper that validates the technology? A: You can find a white paper on the Athlete Intelligence platform by clicking here. Q: Who is Athlete Intelligence? A: Athlete Intelligence is a leading provider of monitoring and measurement technologies, focused on developing products and systems in the areas of entertainment, safety and performance. To learn more, contact us at:

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