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Product Description

The innovative Vector MouthGuard gives coaches and sideline personnel the information they’ve been waiting for. Track hit counts, hit locations and severity of impacts in real-time, then pair it with the Athlete Intelligence Platform to quickly identify individual and positional Coachable Moments™ to build a better, safer team. Improve technique and reduce the risk of injury with the Vector MouthGuard.

Ideal for:

Team use. Helmeted sports like football, lacrosse and hockey.


  • Quickly identify high risk athletes and those using improper technique
  • Track impact patterns, locations, and severity of each athlete over time and view them in a 3D
  • Review individual and position based impact exposure and trends
  • Automated real-time and postgame or practice analytics and insights


  • Validated through research by top universities and institutions in the industry
  • Most accurate commercial head impact sensing system on the market
  • Made with exclusive Vistamaxx material by Exxon Mobil for tight comfortable fit and enhanced breathability
  • Offline memory storage with time stamped impact detail to sync with video footage

Vector MouthGuard Kit

  • Vector MouthGuard
  • Vector MouthGuard Charging Case
  • Micro USB Charging Cord

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