Product Description

The Shockbox® Helmet Sensor is designed to be attached to a helmet and provide an immediate wireless transmission to your smart phone of a hit count and when a player has experienced a head impact over a predetermined threshold. Take the uncertainty away, you can now be in control of when athletes need to be assessed for injuries.

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Ideal for:

Individual helmeted sports including hockey, snow sports, equestrian and BMX.


  • Cloud based storage for athlete analytics
  • Monitors impact exposure during sports activity
  • Easily share impact data with others via email, or one-click contact in an emergency
  • Manage athlete safety and real-time alerts


  • Pairs entire team to 1 phone, up to 128 sensors
  • Records and stores date, time, hit direction and magnitude of impacts
  • Installs on almost any helmet
  • Athlete concussion assessment module in mobile App
  • Long battery life with active/sleep technology for a charge of up to 125 hours

Shockbox Kit

  • Shockbox Football or MultiSport Sensor
  • Included rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Cord

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