Cue Sport Sensor

Product Description

The Cue Sport Sensor™ is the most versatile product for athletes allowing you to track head impact and performance data. Lightweight and compatible with helmets, headbands, and skull caps, the Cue Sport Sensor captures the data that surrounds every athlete and turns it into Coachable Moments™. Pair the sensor with the Athlete Intelligence Platform and be able to easily identify trends and improvements and use these Coachable Moments to build better, safer athletes.

*Cue orders are expected to ship out Fall 2017

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Ideal for:

Team or Individual Use. Helmeted sports like football, hockey, and lacrosse, or non-helmeted sports like soccer, rugby, volleyball, and more.


  • Tracks and identifies high risk athletes or those being over exposed to impacts and training loads
  • Provides performance-based metrics including top speed, distance traveled, body angle and acceleration
  • Analyzes performance and impact trends over time, between athletes and positions
  • Records and stores data; syncs wirelessly in real-time with mobile devices, tablets, or smart watches


  • Clips into any helmet or attaches to headbands, skull caps, headgear
  • Impact and performance metrics memory storage
  • Transfer between different athletes and sports
  • Bluetooth compatible allows for team and individual use

Cue Sport Sensor Kit

  • Cue Sport Sensor
  • Storage Case
  • Micro USB Charging Cord

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