Vector™ MouthGuard

Measures the location and level of each hit an athlete absorbs and transfers data to the sidelines via ESP™ Chip Technology, creating real-time assessment of the athlete’s exposure to collisions sustained on the field.


Our award-winning miniature wireless helmet sensors for hockey, football, snow sports and lacrosse and more, designed to immediately alert parents, coaches and athletic trainers when a hit is too hard.

Cue™ Sport Sensor

A revolutionary new impact detection solution for both helmeted and non-helmeted sports, allowing for accurate data collection and versatility of placement.

Product Comparison

i1 Biometrics is proud to introduce

The Athlete Intelligence Platform

When paired with the Vector™ MouthGuard featuring proprietary ESP™ Chip Technology, Athlete Intelligence is revolutionary in its ability to gather and disseminate highly-accurate intracranial impact data, providing real-time information and actionable insights that coaches and athletes can use.

Future developments of Athlete Intelligence platform will embrace integrations with wearable technologies such as FitBit (from tracking sleep and nutrition to strength training) and external video feeds, allowing coaches to see the unbroken picture of each athlete’s status on the field, and their potential moving forward.

At i1Biometrics, we’re looking for ways to elevate coaching with the data and insights that make a difference. Join us.

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