Middletown High School Renews its Partnership with Athlete Intelligence to Continue to Monitor Athletes for Safety and Performance

April 12, 2017

Athlete Intelligence™ is pleased to announce it that Middletown High School in New York is continuing their partnership with Athlete Intelligence and the Vector MouthGuard system. The partnership will continue to provide the Middie Bears with advanced intelligence and insights into player performance and safety.

Middletown High School set the stage for cutting-edge technology three years ago. The Middie Bear football team uses the Athlete Intelligence system to measure head impacts and decrease the risk of injuries for their players. The program has been such a success for the team and a great coaching tool for the staff.

Craig Olejniczak, Athletic Trainer at Middletown High School said, “As the Athletic Trainer, I am confident that the Vector has given me ‘eyes’ on every varsity player, every moment of practice and every play in a game. Using the system our coaches learned to practice and prepare with less full contact drills. Our program now works smarter, not harder.  I look forward to working with the new Athletic Intelligence Platform.”

Not only does the school implement the technology in the field, but in the classroom as well. The school empowered the students from its National Academy Bio-Med STEM Program to work with the athletic staff to understand the science behind the data. Not only do the athletes benefit from a safer playing environment but the STEM students experience hands-on education.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Middletown High School,” said Athlete Intelligence Sales Director, Andrew Golden. “The school has become a leader nationwide in adopting technology that will not only reduce the risk of injuries for their players but also improve their performance. How they integrated the system into their STEM program brought the data and the experience to life for the students and athletes. As their students like to say, together they scored an ‘educational touchdown’.”

Learn more about the Middletown High School experience with the Athlete Intelligence system by downloading our case study.

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