Elite Daily on the Vector MouthGuard

January 28, 2015

A December Bloomberg Politics poll, which surveyed 1,001 adults, concluded that 50 percent of Americans would not allow their children to play youth football. But while CEO Jesse Harper, a former player of the sport himself, also falls into the concerned parent category, he does not share the desire to withhold the game of football from his kids.

“I love the game, my boys love the game; I don’t want to take that away from them. There’s so many positive things that come out of sports, you know: leadership, character, teamwork, camaraderie, etc. I value those things. What I’m interested in is how can we preserve the game, allow these young men to play the game, but make it safer,” Harper noted in his interview to Elite Daily.

With the Vector MouthGuard, Harper is looking to answer his own question. The Vector, which has heat sensors that detect when a player encloses it in his mouth, has the ability to detect impacts to the head and wirelessly sends information to the team personnel on the sideline.

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