Brooklyn Sports World Reports on Athlete Intelligence’s New Head Impact Sensor, The Cue, Set to Revolutionize Sports Head Trauma Detection

March 14, 2017

By: Jerry Del Priore

Up until recently, Athlete Intelligence (formerly i1 Biometrics), a leading sports and data analytics technology company, developed state-of-the-art head impact sensor technology devices like the Vector Mouth Guard and Shockbox for helmet-wearing sports such as football and hockey.

But enter The Cue Sport Sensor—a small, lightweight (the size of two quarters), plastic head-impact detector that can be attached under a headband, skullcap, or amateur wrestling headgear.

Athlete Intelligence CEO Jesse Harper said The Cue can be used for non-helmet wearing sports such as rugby and soccer, as well as helmet sports, offering head-impact detection while reducing the number of repeated blows to the head in sports that were previously overlooked.

“We now have a lightweight, real time, head-impact detection system that allows almost anyone in any athletic endeavor to detect meaningful hits and to guard against repetitive brain injuries,” Harper said in a press release. “People think concussion is solely the domain of high contact sports like football and hockey but sports like soccer are not immune to concussion injuries, and many of those injuries occur from the second or third contact to the same head area.”

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