Competitive Advantage

The new Athlete Intelligence platform exposes the invisible data that surrounds every athlete, giving coaches and athletic trainers the ability to translate what happens on the field into a competitive advantage when and where it matters.

In every athlete, there is pure potential. Unleash it with Athlete Intelligence.


The Athlete Intelligence Platform

Build Better Athletes

The Athlete Intelligence platform goes beyond cryptic data points and isolated measurements. It empowers coaches and athletic trainers to access the useful insights that create coachable opportunities, and in turn maximize long-term player potential.

The core functionality of the Athlete Intelligence platform pairs with our state-of-the-art Vector™ MouthGuard, Cue™ Sport Sensor and ShockBox® Helmet Sensor to deliver a comprehensive solution for more than just hit detection and athlete safety. It helps coaches and athletic trainers build strategies around the tactics that win games.

Our Vision


FROM i1 Biometrics

Vector Mouthguard

Measures the location and level of each hit an athlete absorbs and transfers data to the sidelines via ESP™ Chip Technology, creating real-time assessment of the athlete’s exposure to collisions sustained on the field.


Our award-winning miniature wireless helmet sensors for hockey, football, snow sports and lacrosse and more, designed to immediately alert parents, coaches and athletic trainers when a hit is too hard.

Cue Sport Sensor

A revolutionary new impact detection solution for both helmeted and non-helmeted sports, allowing for accurate data collection and versatility of placement.

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