with ESP™ chip technology

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Product Description

The innovative new Vector™ MouthGuard addresses the growing epidemic of undiagnosed sports brain injuries. With it, we can measure the location and level of each hit an athlete has absorbed and we can create a real-time assessment of any athlete’s exposure to collisions sustained on the field.

Technology & Innovation


A smartphone for your brain

  • Vector MouthGuard utilizes embedded microscopic technologies that accurately measure the hits and accelerations a player’s brain experiences during play.
  • Data is transmitted in real-time via ESP™ Chip Technology to a laptop at the sideline and is stored on a secure internet database.
  • Sideline personnel can view alerts and notifications about a player’s status with a mobile device or computer from the sideline.
  • The system provides tools that help assess an athlete’s ability to return to play or establish recovery protocols.

System Features

  • Collison-sensing mouth guards to outfit entire team
  • Sideline assessment application
  • Real-time wireless base station
  • Customizable software package
  • Mobile notification device
  • Mouth guard charging stations
  • Field kit case


  • Quantitative and accurate real-time information
  • Athlete information can be stored and monitored over entire athletic career
  • Alerts wirelessly sent to sideline personnel
  • Suite of tools supporting athlete assessment in bench vs. play decisions, recovery and safe return-to-play protocols


For the Perfect Fit

Vistamaxx™ is a family of polyolefin elastomers manufactured by ExxonMobil Chemical exclusive to i1 Biometrics. The properties of Vistamaxx make it an excellent material for any mouthguard, but the fit of Vistamaxx makes it a fundamental component of the Vector™ MouthGuard. It allows for a strong coupling to the upper jaw, allowing Vector MouthGuard to produce the most accurate measurement possible.

  • Biocompatible, hydrophobic
  • Odorless, tasteless
  • Provides an almost custom fit
  • Can be re-boiled and re-fit

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