Cue Sport Sensor

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Product Description

The Cue™ Sport Sensor is a versatile form of technology that monitors an individual or team’s performance. You can use the information Cue provides to drive decision making, leading to an increase of performance, improvement of physical output and reduction of the risk of injury.

Technology & Innovation


Cue Sport Sensor

Ideal for: Team or individual non- helmeted or helmeted sports that require versatility of placement and radio or Bluetooth connectivity.

System Features

  • Attaches to any headband or can be inserted into helmets, skull caps, or hats
  • Records and stores data then syncs wirelessly with mobile device or tablet
  • Transmits real-time information
  • Leverages a smartphone’s GPS for location alerts


  • Integrates with teams and individual athletes
  • Measures impact and performance metrics including speed, distance, body angle, and movement in space
  • Versatile for any sport or activity
  • Monitors impact exposure during sports activity, with of ine data storage ability

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