The ground-breaking tool for
understanding impacts in sports.

Unleash Your Athletic Potential

What if

Every hit was recorded and time-stamped so you could analyze tackling and technique?

What if

You could analyze how long your players were on the field, and how it affected performance?

What if

You had eyes and ears on the field that gave you the information you needed to build a better, stronger, faster team?

Now You Can

The Athlete Intelligence platform from i1Biometrics is designed to take bits of information and turn them into teachable moments. Real-time monitoring from smart sensors in player mouthguards and helmets give you a perspective on the game you’ve never had before. Athlete Intelligence doesn’t just dump more data on coaches. We make it useable. We give you the ability to detect when a player’s taken a hit just a little too hard. With our powerful, flexible impact detection system, we can help identify potential safety issues whenever they’re on the field.
When you have time for analysis, Athlete Intelligence gives you the chance to identify where a player could improve their tackling, their sliding, their blocking. The little adjustments that add up to far more than inches.

They Add Up to Wins

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